Choosing Facial According to Skin Type

Every woman wants a bright, fresh and healthy facial skin. One way to get it is with facials. Different steps in facials such as cleaning, scrubbing, and massaging are aimed at facial health and beauty. Starting from cleaning that removes dirt, dust or the rest of any product on the face. Scrubbing to remove dead skin cells. While the massage done during facials stimulates blood flow to the skin so that the skin gets extra oxygen and makes the skin glow. You can also get the best facials for acne on our website.

The maximum benefit is obtained from the cream applied to the face during facials because when massaging makes the skin absorb the cream perfectly and penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. With so many types of facials, you might be confused as to which one is suitable. Before choosing it, it is very important to consider your skin type. This is because the right type of facial will improve the texture and give special light to the skin. Here is a guide to choosing the type of facial that suits your skin type.

1. Dry Skin
Dry skin tends to look very dull. This type of skin requires facials that are super hydrating to restore moisture to the skin. The type of face that is most suitable for this type of skin is chocolate or watermelon that is very hydrating. Chocolate facials have antioxidants that will heal the skin and increase collagen production. The newest watermelon facial, infused with water that will replenish moisture lost to the skin.

2. Oily Skin
Oily skin is very difficult to treat because the skin secretes excessive sebum so that it can cause acne. If you keep cleaning or washing excessively, it can make the skin dry and trigger the skin to produce oil. This type of skin requires balance. Some oil-based chrysanthemums can clog the pores that cause the appearance of pimples. Usually, women with oily skin may not choose facials at all for this reason.

But you can still feel relaxed massaging your face during a facial, only through the massage with cream. This way you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the face without having to worry about acne later on. The ideal facial for this type of skin should be able to remove excess sebum and shrink pores. For example, facial pearls because pearl powder will absorb excess oil and will also brighten your skin. Facial using silver is also safe for oily skin because silver can be as a natural cleanser and detoxification.